10 Tips (+ ONE BONUS TIP) That Will Exponentially IMPROVE Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

After managing thousands of pounds & dollars in Facebook Advertising campaigns and helping my clients build profitable wedding venues and scale them using Facebook, I would like to share and distill some intel about how you can get quality enquiries, brides & couple leads ready to knock on your door.

Here are some random TIPS that I learned from my own experiences, that will hopefully help you get much better results

🎯 #1 Split MOBILE and DESKTOP
You should always split test mobile and desktop ads because if you run them together, 90% of traffic will go from mobile and you will not give a proper chance to DESKTOP.

🎯 #2 Test INSTAGRAM ads
They are working great and it's cheaper. Especially CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions) is usually 2x cheaper than on Facebook for me.

🎯 #3 Use VIDEO ads
Videos are working great now and you should take advantage of that. It doesn't need to be something complicated.

🎯 #4 Images
When using IMAGES, add CONTRAST. It will make your image stand out in the news feed.

🎯 #5 Your target bride
Talk about your IDEAL BRIDE/COUPLE, not about your VENUE (or services/products). People don’t care about you... They care first about themselves. Which means that they don’t give a damn how beautiful your wedding venue or service/products is... All they care about is what kind of experience are they likely to get at your venue. Use this in your advertising and you will be ahead of most wedding venues out there.

🎯 #6 Make sure to RETARGET your traffic with RELEVANT content and offers
The Power is in the PIXEL and the biggest MONEY is in the RETARGETING. I still can’t believe it that most wedding venue owners run ads on Facebook or Google Adwords and they don’t even have the pixel code installed...if you don’t have this, you might as well donate your hard earned advertising spend to Facebook or Google freely...oh wait!...actually you’re already doing that! 🙄

Spend a few bucks per day to become OMNIPRESENT to your BRIDES/COUPLES AUDIENCE. You can use REACH or PPE campaigns to retarget your bridal or couple audience and be in front of them every single day. And because that audience isn't probably that big, it's ridiculously cheap. You can spend $5/£5 per day to reach around 500 brides. The goal is simple: You need to FREQUENTLY REACH brides/couples with RELEVANT content. That's how you can stand out and become the only ONE option for them.

🎯 #8 Use a Sales Funnel to get leads
You need to have a well-converting WEDDING VENUE FUNNEL (not your website!!) and OFFERS to get great results. Facebook/Google are just TRAFFIC source (you should already know that).

🎯 #9 Long Form Ads Work Best For Cold Traffic
If you are targeting ice cold traffic, then long-form STORY types of ad copies work the best I love long-form STORY ads...they are the magic to dominating the wedding venue market. Remember I pointed in #5 that PEOPLE don’t care about you...they care about themselves - the long-form ad is where you SELL THEM THE DREAM...not the venue. I’ve seen countless of times when you do this, the amount of enquiries simply skyrocket

🎯 #10 Know Your Ideal Traffic
You need to know your IDEAL BRIDE/COUPLE. Is it a cliche? Maybe, but it is still one of the most crucial things when it comes to any advertising campaign. Don’t just spray your ad and “hope” that you land clients. ...and finally the bonus tip 💡

🎯 #11 (Bonus Tip) DATA ANALYTICS are your biggest friend
Thou shalt know your numbers. Numbers don’t lie.
They are your guiding light. They tell you a story about what the hell is going on. My suggestion: understand them, use them & when in doubt analyse them as they will guide you to make an informed decision. To be honest, this has been the 2nd biggest differentiator for me when my campaigns struggle. There's something about numbers that tell you the hidden story, and having the right interpretation of them will be the biggest asset you can gain from.

Hope you got value from that.

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