How to Build Facebook Ads That Get You Serious Wedding Venues Enquiries

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you a piece of advice on how to build a working ad campaign structure to get your wedding venue enquiries that will keep your phone ringing with brides interested in your venue.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that when you are advertising you need to divide your prospects into cold, warm and hot buckets.

A big mistake most wedding venue owners make is sending brides who never heard about you before straight to a website page in their advertising campaigns.

This is a big No! No!

These couple who've never heard of you are considered "cold" and thus it is prudent to segment them into a "cold bucket" - this allow us to further market to them to increase their awareness about your venue.

I talk with many wedding venue owners who resort to such approach when marketing their venue. They follow this dead-end approach: Drive cold traffic to the venue website.

Yes, you might get a trickle of enquiries from that, BUT…

...the LION’s share of enquiries are simply left on the table.

Here's how you can solve this, quickly.

To be on the same page with brides or couples looking for an awesome venue for their wedding, I divide advertising strategy into two parts.

STEP 1: Acquisition
The main idea is to attract new brides to your venue (target brides/couples who have never heard of your brand before).

You can reach them using behaviour and interests.

Action Points:
  💡 Introduce your venue and create trust and credibility;
  💡 Track your visitors so you can retarget them later;
  💡 Track their behavior. To do so, I resort to Google Tag Manager to create custom events and trace all useful actions. Such approach allows you to segment your traffic based on the actions. Thanks to this, you can show them more relevant content in the future (communication strategy).

It’s normal on the Acquisition stage that your cost per action (CPA) fluctuate wildly because you drive cold traffic.

Take into account: the main goal is to build the relationship FIRST and THEN ask them to “buy” your service.

STEP 2: Retention
The main idea with this stage is to keep the attention of the audience and draw "warm" brides (brides who previously engaged with your advertising or communication campaigns) through your funnel.

On each funnel step I resort to refreshing messages and creatives (images).

You don’t need to introduce your brand again too much because they already know. You just need to turn these brides/couples into enquiries.

💎 Build consistent communication, it allows to be on the same page with your brides/couple audience and introduce your wedding venue story via Facebook Ads;
💎 Step by step draw traffic through your funnel;
💎 Change your ads campaign messages on each funnel step, retain their attention;

Implementing these simple ideas have allowed me to get fantastic results again and again for my clients

STEP 3: Understand Your Analytics
To evaluate performance of your advertising, you need to be able to understand what your data - the numbers for your advertising campaign are telling you.

Use Facebook Analytics which will enable you to trace Retention Index, Cohort analysis and many other useful figures.

Do not expect a dramatic spike in enquiries or sales without prior analysis of the figures.

Your data analysis will always,ALWAYS tell you a story about what exactly is going on in your advertising campaign.

In general, this will help you to control your advertising strategy and make well-considered decisions based on real data & statistics.

I hope this has been useful for you!

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