Why Running A Groupon Wedding Venue Deal Destroys Your Business

And What You Can Do To Solve This Problem

We love bargains!

And bargains come a dime and dozens when you go to Groupon.

Recently I was talking with a potential venue owner who used Groupon to acquire bookings for their wedding venue.

They told me that they were not really happy with the results they were getting after initially thinking that Groupon were going to help them 😞

They eventually stopped running their deal on Groupon after only selling 5 bookings and losing a significant income.

This is the reality some small venues face 🤢

Let’s face the harsh reality.

If you’re running a wedding campaign on Groupon PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!

Le’me explain...

Everyday thousands of businesses run campaigns in Groupon, hoping to get new clients and generate some quick cash and new customers for their business (trust me I’ve done this before).

⚠️⚠️ However, the sad truth is that the majority will only get some “bargain shoppers” as new clients and lose their income (lots of it!), instead of getting the benefits they hope for.

To better illustrate what I mean, here’s a real venue example…

Wedding Venue A plans to sell 5 wedding venue coupons to couples, their regular price is £3,600, and want to sell it at a 40% discount on Groupon.

And let’s take a worst case scenario, and assume that the total real cost (personnel, utility etc) of a single confirmed booking is 40% of the regular price or £1,440...

...AND that 70% of the purchased coupons will be redeemed (that’s an average redeem rate of Groupon coupons currently) in the next 12 months.

Let's run the number:

Groupon Vouchers Sold 5
Groupon Vouchers Redeemed (70%) 4
Price Per Voucher £2,160
Cost Of Wedding (40%) £1,440
Groupon's Fee 50%
Wedding Venue A's Income 50%

Here's the results:

Total Sales on Groupon £10,800
No of sales * Price Per Voucher
Income for Groupon £6,480
(redeemed vouchers * £2,160 * 50% + unredeemed voucher * £2,160)
(Groupon keeps all the money of unredeemed vouchers)
Invome for Wedding Venue A £4,320
(redeemed vouchers * £2,160 * 50%)
Cost Of Service For Wedding Venue A £5,760
(redeemed voucher * £1,440)
Profit/Loss -£1,440

Wedding Venue A not only received a small portion of the total income (about 40%), but actually they lost £1,440 in this campaign.

And guess what...Groupon pocketed £6,480 from Wedding Venue A, while they were left holding a bag of peanuts.

And to add salt to the injury, Wedding Venue A gets paid only after 30-60 days. The only “benefit” I can see in this is the new 5 “bargain couple” and Groupon.

“So, why do many venue businesses use Groupon?” - You may think 🤔

Based on my analysis and discussions, they are doing it because:
   They haven't done their homework correctly
   They do not know any better alternatives
   They just use Groupon for cash flow

   Majority don't have a strong plan that reliably gets them customers consistently

So with a Groupon campaign here’s what you will get or not get...
   You wont get a segmented list of contacts
   You wont get the contacts of customers - Groupon keeps this to themselves
   They keep a whopping 50% of redeemed purchases
   You don't get anything from un-redeemed purchases - Groupon keeps this for themselves
   Groupon has an approval process & they dictate your price
   You get paid 30-60 days after the client purchases
   Be prepared to give up up to 50%+ on your price discount
   You are more likely to attract “bargain shopper” customers

As you can see, with Groupon you pretty much screwed.

Now with the deck stacked up against you, surely there must be a better way

...and sure enough there is.

Now with the deck stacked up against you, surely there is a better way

💡⚙️ Over the last several months I've been working to perfect a system, the Bridal Acquisition Machine (BAM) that consistently gets 20-67 bridal/couple clients every month.

All on autopilot.

The Bridal Acquisiton Machine helps wedding venue owners...

Target your ideal bridal clients
Build personalised relationships with your bridal prospects
Get your prospect brides' contact details instantaneously
Keep 100% of any sales you make
Turn on or off your acquisition campaigns at will
Get paid immediately
Run your own deals with your own rules and terms
Attract only brides/couples who will pay you what your worth (say bye bye to tire kickers)
Get to know exactly your campaigns are performing every minute of the day so that you can make any adjustment at will

Now if you're thinking "Ok, where can I see this?"...

If you would like to know more about the Bridal Acquisition Machine (BAM) click here to access the case study.

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