Why Your Website SUCKS And How To DOUBLE Your Wedding Venue Enquiries Using A Simple Page

Recently I was on a phone call with a wedding venue owner and he said “...I just want my website to show up at the top when people search so that I can make tons of leads and sales...”

So I asked him “How many leads are you getting right now from being #1 for your keywords...”

His response “I get about maybe 2-5 a week..”

…”maybe?” 🙄

This is typical for some owners. They spend mile high money to get their website on the number spot only to realise the gigantic puny benefits of their campaign or strategy.

Now I am not saying there’s anything wrong being number one on the search engines...heck yeah I’d take it any day!


...the problem is not that he’s not getting the visit on his website, contrary…

The problem is the f*ckin’ website itself.

Sorry to say, but your website sucks, and the number of enquiries you’re getting shows it.

I see this countless of time from many venue businesses...

… they run campaigns and drive visit from Facebook or Google ads that send the prospect to their beloved website and then hope and pray...

...only to have terrible results.

This is the number one reason why you’re not getting the email enquiries or the phone ringing.


Ok, “so what should I use?” you might ask…

...you probably know the solution and have used it plenty of times.

Now I don’t want you to turn off your website JUST YET! ✋

You still need it… Now, here’s what I want you to realise - your website really is just a brochure 📰

What you really need is something more powerful…💪

...something that can
  👉 attract leads on autopilot
  👉 increase your conversions
  👉 focus & target your messaging
  👉 allow for simple campaign measurement & testing
  👉 instantly give credibility
  👉 improve your SEO ranking
  👉 reduce distractions and is focused on one (yes, ONLY ONE) single thing: get your phone ringing with enquiries

The one simple page that will make all the difference is a landing page.

What is a landing page: simply put it’s the first point of contact between your website and a visitor.

Another way of looking at landing page is a page that is designed to prompt a visitor to take ONE very specific action.

What is that one specific action, you might ask?

It could be…
  ✅ ...getting users to sign up for your email list
  ✅ ...requesting for a free consultation
  ✅ ...allowing users download a free piece of content, e.g. an ebook, report, etc in exchange for contact details
  ✅ ...allowing visitors to watch a video or case study
  ✅ ...allowing users to register for an event
  ✅ ...sell your product or services

What makes landing pages brilliant is that your messaging is on target and very specific to your customers and is free from the normal website page distractions.

For the most part landing pages feature a handful of very specific things...

💎 A COMPELLING headline that promotes the benefit of what you’re offering
💎 A STRONG Call To Action (CTA) usually in the form of a visible and attractive button
💎 NO navigation bar or unnecessary links
💎 NO distracting copy/message content like sidebars, ads or additional calls to action (CTAs)
So now instead of driving your visitors to you website, drive them to your landing page if you want to achieve a specific action.

⚠️ NEVER drive your ad campaigns to your wedding venue home page...you will just be wasting lots of 💰

1. Create a landing page
2. Drive traffic to the landing page
3. Watch your leads/enquiries grow fast

Hope this helps 🔥

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